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Points accumulation regulation.

  1. To register the points, you must present your card"Neighbor of the Shire"and its invoice sealed and signed by the mayor's office.

  2. The accumulation of points is valid from Q100 per consumption.

  3. The invoice must remain in the mayor's or box office register.

  4. If you want to verify your points you must click on the fuchsia button"Balance of points"at the top of this page.

  5. Please, as an ambassador of the brand, you must identify your group of visitors in the town hall and with the waiter who will serve you.

  6. The Mayor's Office must seal and sign the invoice on the back identifying the name of your "Page or travel agency".

  7. All invoices that reflect any type of discount, "including staff / employee discount"They are NOT eligible for the accumulation of points.

  8. Invoices must be registered immediately at the ticket office or at the mayor's office, when leaving, this document remains on file in our offices. If you need a copy, please follow the instructions in point 3.

  9. It is not allowed, under any circumstances, to register invoices that do not correspond to the day of the visit.

  10. The exchange of points for ambassadors can be cash or by consumption (ask for the terms  and conditions of your manager).

  11. The points that the cashout process does not start in the established time, are not cumulative for the following month.

  12. IMPORTANT:Points can only be redeemed the first business week of the following month during office hours: Monday or Friday.

    • Step 1:We suggest you enter your username and verify the status of your points (if your agency has multiple cards, we recommend you keep track of them in an excel consolidation.

    • Step 2:On the last day of the month, go to administration to coordinate the cashier of points

    • Step 3: Any other detail that is not described in this section of points should consult the Hobbitenango administration.

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