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Hobbitenango is located 20 minutes by car from Antigua, Guatemala

Directions to get here.


You can arrive to our parking lots by:

  • Small or large vehicle (it doesn't matter if it is not 4x4)

  • Uber

  • Our transportation from Antigua


The fastest route if you come from the city is when you arrive to San Lucas, enter through San Bartolo, this route is the shortest and you will enjoy a beautiful landscape along the way.


If you come in your vehicle, you can park in any of the village parking lots, the value of the entire day is Q20, at the same time you support the community.

Antigua gua.png

Antigua Shuttle

From our office:


The shuttle leaves from Our Office in Antigua to go to Hobbitenango every day at:

8AM, 10AM, 12PM, 2PM and 4PM

The shuttle returns from Hobbitenango to Antigua at:


9AM, 11AM, 1PM, 3PM and 5PM


The shuttle has a cost of Q45 per person for the round trip. Please write to us by WhatsApp at +502-3918-4502 to inquire about space in the shuttle at the time you would like to go and please show up 15 minutes before the departure time, so as not to lose your place.

From your hotel: Q250. We will pick you up at your hotel. Please let us know via WhatsApp (+502-3918-4502) at least 2 hours in advance, you return at the time you choose, 7pm at the latest. You can travel with 3 more people, additional Q50 for park tickets per person.


Hostels: Q100 We have made alliances with selected hostels where you can purchase your ticket and select the best time to return. Please reserve with them, at least 2 hours in advance. The value includes round trip and entrance to the park.

You can find more information and the shuttle location at our office located here in Antigua: 3a Avenida Norte #20A (pictured below).

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