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About Hobbitenango

Hobbitenango is located in an area called Vuelta Grande, just 20 minutes by car from Antigua, Guatemala. It was founded out of a love for nature, playfulness, and the desire to disconnect from the hectic, busy world and reconnect with what is important in life. Originally meant to be a small eco-village shared between friends, Hobbitenango has been adopted by the locals and worldwide visitors and has grown into an area that can be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to visit. 

Since 2015, we have built several hobbit-style homes and restaurants, all styled after our favorite fantasy genres and meant to inspire playfulness and wonder in adults and children alike. 

Currently, we have over 26 areas and attractions to enjoy within the park from our restaurants to our faire games and hotel. Come for the day or stay the night and enjoy the beautiful views over the Panchoy Valley and the surrounding volcanoes. 

Aventuras a mediados de la semana, algui
 Cafe Guatemaltecto para mañanas en la T

What's to come...

the future of Hobbitenango

In January 2020 we unveiled our newest and largest restaurant space modeled on the Green Dragon Inn of the Shire. In August 2020 we completed our third Hobbit-style hotel casita and we hope to add 1-2 more casitas to our hotel in 2021. In the last months of 2020, we will break ground on our newest and most exciting secret space yet! Think elves...

What's to Come

Visitor Comments


"The views of Hobbitenango will make you fall to your knees...seriously, I have never seen such spectacular jaw dropping views  like the ones you see in Hobbitenango. You feel like you can touch the clouds, with some clouds actually being below you. It’s truly an on top of the world feeling."


Christine S., TripAdvisor

"I'm always about once-in-a-lifetime opportunities whenever I travel...This place qualifies. I promise you that you have never and will never see anything else like it. Where fantasy meets reality."


Tales of a Backpacker

"If you are looking for unique things to do in Antigua, this Hobbit paradise is a fabulous idea for when you visit Guatemala."

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