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About our Hotel:

We currently have three houses in the mountain that you can rent for the night: La Casita del Sueño, La Casita del Nido and Cala Esmeralda. La Casita del Sueño is the best for a couple, and the Casita del Nido can comfortably accommodate 2 couples or a small family. La Cala Esmeralda is the largest house and has a unique terrace with incredible views.



Enjoy peaceful silence on top of the mountain when daytime guests have gone home, and enjoy the personal service of our five-star staff.



Marvel at the volcanoes across the valley from the comfort of your bed and wake up to the smell of freshly personally delivered coffee in the morning.



There's nothing like a stay in one of these ecologically built hobbit-style homes, and we can't wait for you to stay with us!


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The Casita del Nido - part of the hotel at Hobbitenango
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